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Frequently Asked Questions

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First start by making a list of what type of venue you would like and what your budget will be. Next you can start searching across directories of wedding venues such as this one, or ask around with friends, family and even other wedding vendors!

It’s always recommended to choose a wedding vendor with experience and a 4-5 star rating. Make sure to ask the recommended questions for each vendor and ask for testimonials. Finally look through their reviews to ensure there are no recurring complaints about service.
Weddings in Ontario cost between $10,000-$40,000 on average with an approximate allocation of 50% going to venue, rentals & decor, 8-12% each for photo, video, dj and 2-3% each for planner, cakes, officiant etc.
The bulk of your wedding budget should go to your wedding venue, rentals and decor. This is the best place to focus your budget and the first major service to book.
We highly recommend working with a wedding planner as well as ensuring you have a day-of-coordinator to support you, your guests, and other wedding vendors during your wedding day.
Most weddings consist of a venue, officiant, caterer, planner, photographer, videographer, DJ, cake, rentals, flowers, decor & transportation.
In most cases, shortly after the proposal is the best time to begin planning your wedding. We recommend a minimum of 3-6 months for wedding planning, however on average couples spend about 12-months to plan.
The best place to find wedding vendors is a wedding directory such as this one, facebook, google, friends & family and finally ask your venue if they have a preferred vendors list.