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Claim Your Business Listing

The Ontario Wedding Network has already begun listing hundreds of wedding businesses within our directory, which means that your business may already be listed in our directory. You can find out if your business is already listed by searching your business category and city from the homepage or menu.

Once you have found your business listing, if you would like to make edits or take ownership of your listing, you will first need to claim it. You can claim ownership of it by clicking the “Claim Now” link in the sidebar of your listing. This will take you to a form you will need to fill out in order to verify business ownership. For the security of our platform and its business owners, you will be required to prove ownership or stewardship of the business in order to claim your listing.

If you do not see this link to “Claim Now,” this means that your business listing has already been claimed. If you are trying to claim a business and do not see this link, please contact support for assistance and we will review the listing ownership and ensure it is in the right hands.